What to Do with Old Family Photos, Memorable Letters, and Documents

Almost all families have cute photos they took a while back when on a function or vacation. If not photos, you probably have a cute letter written by your grandmother to you, and you would like to store it for the future.

Storage of such family items can be quite a hustle, especially if they are depreciating quickly. As an individual, you need to come up with a means of ensuring their value is kept constant for as long as possible. Below are some tips you can use to ensure they remain in good shape for a long time.



Keeping treasures such as photos, letters, and documents for the future is as easy as ensuring you find a good storage space.

Keep them in a clean place away from dust and pets. Pets can chew off parts of a letter, especially cute parts where they signed off or wrote special words to you.

Always ensure your storage space is also dry, away from moisture that makes photos fade away with time. Alternatively, use special chemicals to prevent photos from fading before storing them.


Storing anything in an orderly manner gives an impression of something being special to you and makes it easy to retrieve the stored items.

There are several methods of organizing items, such as alphabetically or numerically. Things such as family documents should be kept carefully. You can choose to keep those that are relatable together, while those that differ can also be stored together.

Avoid organizing papers by putting them in contact, as they will tear up when in the process of separating them.

For photos, you should put those that were taken at the same time or same place together. This will make it easy to retrieve them, and they will not tear up or get lost.


Old photos can be scanned and stored in soft copy instead of hard copy. This makes it easy to store them and get them back whenever needed. This also minimizes the chance of them getting lost as they can be backed up and stored on several devices.

Special soft wares have a feature of “scan my photos”, making it easy to share the memories with individuals or family members.

Have fun

Invite some of your friends and have fun with your family photos. For example, look for attires worn by the people in the photo and try to imitate the background and posture taken by the people in the photo.

This activity is not only fun but will also ensure you keep the recreated photos as archives of the new photos.

Have a party where you and your friends can try to identify people and places in the photos. Have your cousins pick out their parents from photos taken long ago, or try to identify places depending on the backgrounds.

Hire professionals

With the increasing careers day and night, some individuals specify exactly what to do to help your documents have a long life.

These persons advise you on the chemicals to use, what environment to store your documents in, and what storage materials to use.

In conclusion, it is possible to take care of your old family photos, documents, and letters for the future.