6 Awesome Instagram Profile Picture Ideas to WOW Followers

Your profile matters a lot. Right now, it has become the entry point that will determine the number of followers you will receive. You have to know that you will not be on Instagram all the time. Unless it’s your job to do so or you don’t have a life. If that’s the case, then we will need something that will work for us to capture the attention of our target.

Boosting your Instagram profile will pay dividends in the future because you are likely to put in the effort or come up with a strategy. In this blog, you will pick some new and already sighted ideas for you to work on.

Use Canva

We can boil down an Instagram profile picture image to just a normal image. If that’s the case, then we will need to edit it. In order, for it to look great, we have to put in the work. What we can say is there is always an app for that. And that app is called Canva. Canva is a free graphic design platform and offers a huge advantage over other platforms have. The platform provides an exclusive drag and drops feature that is easy to use. You can also be playful about the color of the background without paying a dime.

Keep up with the times

The social platforms are all about the times. Those who have taken the time to put in the hours and create something meaningful can succeed. And those who keep up with current vibes and seasons that are within the market will surely succeed.

When it comes to editing pictures, make sure they are lined with the current filter and edits in the Instagram world.

Where’s the glitch?

Nobody wants something boring and flat. Those are the combinations of something that people will avoid looking into. Avoid this position as possible. People justify movement for progress, and that’s what the glitch effect emphasizes. The glitch effect offers the observer a sense of mystery since they can’t see you. This gives a hint of curiosity in the observer and might make them follow you!

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Understand your personality

Each time you are about to post something, ask yourself: “Is this what you want to show other people?” We are compelled every time to copy others. But when you pretend, you sabotage the Instagram experience that you want. It’s all about knowing the attitudes and traits that you want to portray. Most likely, you will attract the same vibe that you want. The aspect of “wowing” your followers will be a breeze since they can resonate with you.

The power of an outfit

You can do everything right. You have a great background. Furthermore, you have a great light source. You’ve understood the current trends and filters. But you look like a slob. Well, that cuts everything out of the equation. It’s better to look great and lack the other photo editing features.