What Time Should You Post on Instagram?

On Instagram, there are times at which it is better to post since the post being made is likely to receive more engagements from the public. This is because these timings have unique benefits that are not available at other times of the day since there is little traffic on the app and the posts being made are more likely to be visible to followers’ feeds.

The “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram is an interactive way to make your posts more engaging to the audience, it is essential to know how to find “Add Yours” on Instagram to benefit from the latest and most trending features available on the app.

The following article will state the best time at which a post should be made on Instagram, to maximize your reach and engagements. The information provided is from valuable sources and shows a weekly analysis of when on each day of the week to post, and on which days to avoid posting since it is less likely to get engagements.

When it’s best to post

The best times to post are Monday: 5 AM, Tuesday: 6 AM, Wednesday: 6 AM, Thursday: 5 AM, Friday: 6 AM, Saturday: 6 AM, and Sunday: 6 AM. According to the research, it was also concluded that the best time when comparing all days of the week would be Sunday, as the data collected showed the most number of engagements being made on Sunday at 6 AM time.

When to avoid posting

It is also important to note at which times posting should be avoided for each day of the week. The data analysis made showed the worst time to post are Monday: 2 PM, Tuesday: 1 PM, Wednesday: 10 AM, Thursday: 11 PM, Friday: 9 AM, Saturday: 8 PM, and Sunday: 4 PM. Particularly Wednesday and Thursday exhibited the worst results, with the least number of engagements being made in the stated times for all the week.

Consider the difference in time zones

One other aspect worth assessing is the difference in time zones and countries’ analysis showed varying results since user trends differ for most countries regarding Instagram usage. The research also stated the best times to post concerning what region your posts were targeting. The best time to post for different time zones is as follows.

  • US and Canada (Western): 12 AM -6 AM
  • US and Canada (Central): 6 AM – 8 AM
  • US and Canada (Eastern): 4 AM – 9 AM
  • South America: 4 AM
  • UK: 4 AM – 6 AM
  • Europe (Western): 6 PM – 8 PM
  • Europe (Eastern): 5 AM – 7 AM
  • Africa: 6 AM
  • South Asia and the Middle East: 3 AM
  • East Asia and Southeast Asia: 11 PM – 4 AM
  • Australasia: 11 PM – 2 AM

Although the above analysis will work for most people on Instagram, it is better to analyze industry-specific data as well, since different markets and industry users are more active at different times of the day. Using Instagram’s app Insights page will also show personalized data regarding your posts. This data is also very important to identify the most successful posts that you have made, and at which time they were posted, to get a better idea of when to post in regard to your specific audience. Be sure to keep all these analyses in your mind before making your next post on the platform to maximize your reach for future posts.