How to clean dirty leather boots?

Having a pair of leather boots can be a very nice addition to your overall footwear wardrobe. However, it is also true that leather boots can be very tricky in terms of their maintenance. No matter how good or classy they might look, cleaning them and maintaining their look can be an uphill task. It is especially very difficult to clean leather work boots since they can get dirty very often. Therefore, whoever owns the leather boots must also have thorough knowledge of what steps to follow in order to use the boots to the maximum capacity while maintaining its look and feel simultaneously.

There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to wear the leather shoes very properly and promptly. It is indeed true that leather shoes need extra care since they can be very sensitive to dirt and mud and should be worn with extreme care if you want to look good while wearing them to work and also if you want them to last a long period of time.

Prep before wearing the shoes

With the leather boots, you cannot just go about wearing them instantly. You need to first prep yourself ideally before putting these shoes on. Even if they do not necessarily require a break-in period, the leather shoes should be worn in the house multiple times to give them a proper feel of your feet. Also, in case the shoes are not waterproof, it is best to apply a waterproof agent beforehand since your shoes can get exposed to water or other liquids at your job. While using them, always take a nylon brush with you so you can wipe off any dirt that the shoe might entail. This will help the shoe maintain its original shine and will prevent the shoe from attaining any long term stains as well.

Clean your shoes of stains

It is only a matter of time before your leather shoes will get dirty and even worse, get stained as well! However, you do not need to worry. If you follow certain steps with care, you can be rest assured that you can get rid of the stains in no time at all. In case there are water spots on your leather boots, you always have the option of re-moistening the spot by applying some more water. Once the water is gently applied, you can simply allow the spot to dry and wipe it off later. In case of any dark spots, you can try making a solution or even better, a paste of lemon juice and tartar cream. Once this paste is made, simply apply it gently on the dark spots. When the paste is applied, allow it to settle for a few minutes and then wipe the area clean with a soft cloth. If the stain is still there, try wiping it off by using a cotton ball immersed in some alcohol. This should be really helpful for the dark spots and the stains overall.