What to Present Someone Who Has Everything?

Do you have an occasion around the corner and are looking forward to gifting someone? Most of us have a lot of thoughts when it comes to making someone feel appreciated through gifting. You have probably thought of what to include in your basket gifts but feel it is still not enough.

Knowing what the person you are about to gift needs the most is important and more relevant compared to just picking something random. Make them remember the occasion through unique gifts that you can give them despite them having almost everything.


Did you know you can gift someone time? You are probably asking yourself how. Everyone needs more time to either work better, spend with their friends and family or even themselves. You can gift someone time by assisting them with the activities that take up most of their time.

For example, if your friend is ever caught up with office work and cannot find a minute to spare, find them virtual assistance services online. Someone could help with emails, planning, and minor work. If your friend has a small baby, choose to either hire a babysitter or help them take care of the baby.

Time is appreciated when it is given in quality measures. Gifting someone with enough time at assuring them things will get done is excellent.


Have you realized you tend to remember the experiences you had at an event, concert, or theatre compared to the things you have bought over time? Gifting your friend with an experience they will never forget is amazing.

For example, if my friend’s bucket list entails a trip to the beaches, lift the burden off their shoulder and plan to surprise them with tickets. If it is too much on your side, go for something simple and one that can be found around town, such as wine tasting or going to the museum.

Experiences are one thing people rarely forget and making them is easy. Take time to know what is on their bucket list.


Imagine someone paying for your favorite music or movie streaming sites for an entire year!

Appreciate someone through paying for subscriptions of something they love doing. If it is the gym, encourage them through long-time subscriptions. If most of the time is spent on calls, buy them phone services to a point they forget they had to pay to access them.


If you are the type that does not know what exactly to get someone, then a voucher will serve the purpose. Let the intended person get themselves something of their liking. If you get them based on gifts, you can also include a voucher in it.

An alternative to this is an envelope with some money and a note or a shopping spree and an offer to pay for the shopping.

In conclusion, you do not have to pick something perfect or something beyond your means. Making an event memorable through gifts is achieved by doing the gifting from your heart. Something little may count and make the person feel appreciated.