What is the best free app for learning English?

English in today’s day and age is essential since it is used nearly in every part of the world. It is considered the most professional method of communicating with a foreign person for international business or for general conversation. Today there are multiple mediums for instructors as well as for students to learn English and open new avenues for themselves. Such mediums contain websites, academies, and even mobile/computer applications. Such applications are highly intuitive and can help a non-English-speaker to become somewhat fluent in speaking and writing. These applications include activities that include individual and collective tasks, which allow people to stay motivated and build new friendships. The best part about these applications is that they are not only restricted to only one language. Below are some of the most widely known and used English learning applications available across all mobile and computer platforms.


Duolingo is a free mobile app available on Android as well as on iOS. It has over 200 million users registered on the application who aspire to learn a new language every day. The application is famous for its ability to help the non-inherent speaker to speak and learn new languages in a short span of time. It helps with things like structuring, grammar, and vocabulary. The application also keeps a record of your progression. This progression chart acts as a motivator for people to continue speaking and learning a language.

English Learning App (Basuu)

While the application itself is called the English Learning application, it provides nearly 12 languages for people to pick and learn from. The application is immensely smart since it incorporates Artificial Intelligence along with human interaction to help people understand the language much more thoroughly. With over 90 registered users, the app needs to certificate of validation when it comes to providing value to their clients. The application is unique in most ways to other mobile language learning apps in a way that it also provides your weekly activity so that you can self-judge your performance and make it better the next time.

Improve English: Word games

This application is highly unique and incredibly exciting to use due to its nature of being a game. The application can help if you want to improve your grammar, vocabulary, or structuring of sentences. The application is highly recommended for students who wish to appear for English proficiency tests such as GAT or GMAT. The application uses cards represented quizzes, which are to be deconstructed and answered by the students. While the essential information and the application are free across Google PlayStore and IOS Appstore, it has a pro version as well for which a nominal fee is to be paid to download that version. The pro version helps students and learners to find a requirement-fit resource that they can use for their benefit. This method includes pre-recorded videos as well as articles for people to learn from.