What Is Fashion and What Is Style?

While the difference and the similarity between both might be very minor, but it is what differentiates the people and fashion designers from others. The fashion industry entirely depends on how unique people can go while keeping the idea the same. This takes more than just sweat and blood since it is a domain that includes a high level of creative and innovative thinking. There are universities and schools dedicated to people of such a unique school of thought. For the general folk, the idea of style and fashion may be jumbled up and a bit confusing to understand. But we must recognize the fact that such things are immensely crucial for fashion dedicated people. Therefore, we must understand how these two things are different from each other


Fashion is what is in trend for a given moment of time. It can be classified as a fad that is restricted to only a limited period of time. Usually, you copy what celebrities and influential people are wearing. By copying, you end up buying the same type of things that you see on the TV or in magazines. But one thing that remains constant is the fact that such articles of clothing continuously change from time to time; hence fashion can never be one thing or another. This is usually fashion is used as a synonym for trend since trends don’t last for long. People who understand fashion always say that fashion always returns but with a mix to it. Fashion such as bellbottoms and mullets are identified to a specific time period, but if they were to come back, they can but with a twist in their idea.

One prominent distinguishing feature of fashion is that it can be anything ranging from a bag to shoes or hats to bracelets. Hence you cannot constitute one single article of clothing as fashion since it can be anything.


Style is what you make of fashion that is only limited to you and the way you perceive it. It is how fashion is interpreted on an individual level so that it becomes unique to every single person. For example, some people like to roll up their sleeves or pants from the ends while other people just like the conventional way of wearing a shirt of a pant. This is something that can be understood as a style. Similarly, some people like to wear a watch on the left hand while some prefer it on the right; hence, it is something that you might do unknowingly for your own convenience, which becomes your style forever. Style is something that usually never goes away. It remains within a person, even if they don’t see it happening.

Style is something that is not predominantly related to fashion. It can be understood in terms of comfort, color, fitting, or the type of clothes, Et cetera. Hence, it always a particular thing which could be singled out very quickly.