Maths: Easy Ways to Help Your Child Learn It

Maths is a subject which some find very interesting whereas others find it incredibly dull and challenging. When schooling your child, maths is a subject which cannot be ignored at any cost. Many parents complain that their child is having a hard time with maths. These parents spend so much of their time, energy, and resources hoping that their child will learn it. Are you one of those parents who are struggling to teach your child maths? If that is the case, then this article has to solution to this problem. If we were to define the answer to this problem in a nutshell, then tutoring Melbourne is the best.

Following are some of the ways through which your child can learn maths quickly:

Stay Positive

One of the reasons a child cannot improve is because of the pressure and the belief that he or she is bad at math. This leads the child to believe that no matter what he does, he will never be able to improve. Being a parent, it is crucial to buck up your child to boost his confidence level. Start with basic concepts and on every correct answer, motivate them, and applaud their efforts. This way your child will be convinced that he will be able to ace it. Other than that, the fear of math will also go away. This point has been proven by tutoring Melbourne as well. They never let their students get demotivated, no matter what the case is.


When a child finds maths challenging, one way to help him improve is to play games involving problem-solving. Ask your child questions to which he can relate. For example, if Ann (name of your child) has twenty chocolates and daddy gives him ten more, how many chocolates would Ann be left with. These kinds of questions are interesting to answer as the child can relate to such situations. It can even be as simple as giving your child twenty chocolates and adding ten more. This will make it even more accessible for him to understand.


It may sound a bit cliche, but the truth is that every child loves getting rewards for his efforts. Choose something that your child likes. For example, you can opt for his favorite chocolates. Then give him incentives. That is, for every three correct questions, your child will get one chocolate. This way, he will be motivated. Not to forget, whatever your child will learn in a good mood will permanently be embedded in his mind. Many famous sayings encourage people not to work when they feel very stressed out as their mind is sick and tired of it. The same applies to children. They will never be able to understand even the most straightforward concepts if their mind is under stress.

In conclusion, if you want your children to excel in maths, the easiest and best solution is to motivate them, involve them in mathematical games and provide them incentives.