Is There a Machine that Detects Fake Money?

detector billetes falsos

If you want to keep your company safe, get a money detector machine that will tell you whether your money is real or fake. One can easily get deceived as there is not much difference between authentic and counterfeit currency. Due to a number of daily transactions, money can enter your business while being stuck, crumbled, and ripped. This is a tedious job. Moreover, having millions of dollars coming can easily cause counterfeit notes to enter your cash account. Hence, there is a need for counterfeit bill detectors.

detector billetes falsos

For this purpose, UV counterfeit detection is there, which immediately identifies fake bills. By this, the fake bills are eliminated without being taken as revenue.

There are four devices that detect money. Devices are both small and all in one. They count and check cash efficiently and effectively.


This machine is a concrete machine that detects damaged and fake bills. This money counter can sort out up to 1000 bills in a minute for 2 hours non-stop. The stack that is the end product is very easy to handle. This inexpensive machine can save many hours by working efficiently and effectively.


This machine has a comprehensive counter which can count 1300 bills in a minute. It has an alarm system as well, which warns the user about any inconsistency in the bills. This machine sure counts the bills, but it does not keep track of the monetary amount. Hence, this has to be done manually.


The next machine which detects money has several functions to offer at a meager price. This machine has a magnifying glass that detects micro prints. A verification plate that works focuses on the watermark to ensure whether correct watermarking is done or not, a revealer of a secret security thread, and a magnetic sensor that detects iron in the bills. This machine comes with a three-year warranty and is the most preferred in the verification of bills. Moreover, Cassida has another high-quality counterfeit bill detector. This machine is capable of instantly identifying whether the bill is fake or real. It is easy to use and efficient. It comes with a rechargeable battery which is used in analyzing notes as well.

Drimark dual-test pen

Furthermore, there is one counterfeit pen that Denmark offers. The pen uses LED ultraviolet technology to disclose the security strip, which is UV sensitive. The best part about the pen is that it is easy to carry due to its lightweight. It can be easily moved to the cash register, too, and is foolproof.

In conclusion, all these machines listed above have the sole goal of detecting fake currency. The prices vary with the tasks these machines perform. If one wants a portable device, the Drimark dual-test pen is your go-to. Seeing money is something not to be taken lightly. Hence, businesses should invest in money-detecting machines to avoid risk and ensure the authenticity of bills. This will not only allow your business to thrive but also your employees to grow.