How to Create a Winning Customer Retention Strategy Using Data and Technology

Innovations and the implementation of different tools have shifted the concentration to data and technology. Through professional medical websites, medical facilities are able to communicate with their patients, offer professional advice, and also issue and process payments.

The only downside is the loss of the human touch. Does this have an impact on the ability of a medical facility to keep its clients? And how can the same medical practice use technological tools to retain customers?

Continue reading this article to have the answers to these questions revealed to you.

Customer retention

Let us first define what customer retention is. It can be expressed as the actions of an entity or business to encourage a client to stay or continue using their service.

According to a study done in 2017, it was evidenced that most companies sink a considerable amount of funds in acquiring new customers. However, maintaining customers was found to be cheaper and more feasible in the long term.

Discounts and gifts

Through the use of scheduling software, it is easy to delineate the patients who are coming way back more and more. For such patients, you can establish a solid foundation with them by offering them discounts or a small gift. If you are a new practice, and you are hard strapped for cash, you can ask your customer service personnel just to send out a sweet message. At times, that is simply what it takes.

Who doesn’t want or wish to feel special and appreciated? The way to show your customers that you value them is by intentional effort.

Quality customer service

As a service-oriented industry, you don’t need to be told how important this is in terms of customer retention. However, where most miss the mark is where their idea of customer service doesn’t match up to what the customer thinks. And one thing you must remember is that the customer is king.

So, how do you go about it? Use the technology! If you have in place a scheduling software or application, you can make use of a survey. The survey will help you analyze the quality of service and also improve it for the better.

With a customer survey, you will be able to identify the patterns that you have missed out on.

Being socially active


It is now necessary for brands, companies, and institutions to have a presence on the internet and the different social media platforms. This is where your clients and customers are interacting nowadays. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on this, would you?

Social media is not only for socializing. It is a method of keeping your customers informed, bringing on board new customers and can also serve as an educational tool. If you are serving a particular demographic, your company can set itself as a market leader on the social scene.