How can you monetize your hobbies and interests?

We all have some hobbies and our free time in which we do a lot of stuff that we love. Most of us don’t use our interests to make money. Here are some profitable hobbies that can help you make money. Some of them are pretty smooth and don’t require many skills or training, and others imply certain efforts and knowledge. You can go in for any occupation and make use of it, as there are several ways through which you may obtain profit. For instance, on platforms similar to Famelink you can publish the outcomes of your creativity and gain definite revenue through your popularity.

So, if you are interested in monetizing your interests or hobbies, go on reading the following options.


If you have a hobby of writing, you can be a freelancer and earn a lot by just producing content while sitting on your bed. You can even make your career out of it, as there is a tremendous demand for articles. Moreover, you can also sell your writing on Fiverr, Upwork, etc. as good content writers are highly appreciated by employers.

Design and illustration

Now, Fiverr features the work of artists that have a unique approach. Different illustrative styles are in demand on Fiverr. Some clients separately hire artists to get their assignments and projects done and agree to offer vast sums of money to them. Whether you do a marketing project or an art project, you will have clients. Moreover, to diversify your skill, you can make customized products as well as doing art on t-shirts, phone cases, laptop backs, etc.


In this century, food has become a piece of art. There is plenty of demand for food, especially the one which is well presented. If you are a wonderful cook, you can earn money quickly by selling food. You can give unique names to your delicious dishes and make the stomachs of people happy.  Through cooking, you can start a YouTube channel or even an Instagram page, which will also help you earn money. You can even start your street food or a food truck business. Over 80% of people carry food apps on their phones. This is how much in-demand food is.


Gardening is a beautiful hobby as it makes the environment happy. If you know pretty much about gardening, you can make many people happy, as human beings love gardening, and they need the maintainers of their gardens. Kitchen gardens are also in demand. You can even start your Facebook page or a YouTube channel by sharing your gardening stories with the world.


Photography is also an art, as not everyone can be an excellent photographer. However, it’s not also hard to be a photographer, as all you need is a good camera and some skills which you can easily learn. You can be a photographer of wildlife by promoting nature. You can do couple shoots or even cover events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries by making a photography page on Facebook and Instagram.


If you have a creative mind, you can sell your projects by making them attractive and colorful. For example, many people make their beauty products like lip balms, bath bombs, and very cool stationery. Just make an Instagram or a Facebook page and start selling.

These are some best ways to convert your hobbies into money. You just need some uniqueness and time to run your hobbies into businesses. Moreover, now that the world is going online, you can become a freelance photographer, a designer, a cook by selling your skills because not everyone has the time or specific knowledge.