Decorating Items for Bathrooms of All Sizes

The bathroom in most apartments is the smallest room. Many people refer to this fact and mistakenly decide to minimize the bathroom decor for fear of overcrowding the space. The market of bathroom finishing materials abounds with different variants for every taste and budget. Modern technologies allow using not only standard tiles and plastic panels in the bathroom but also natural treated wood, wallpaper, glass coverings, photo wallpaper, etc. Decorating the bathroom will largely allow you to create a unique atmosphere that will please the owners every morning.

Bathroom decor: the main rules of decoration

Experts have identified three basic rules, the observance of which will be the key to successful repair and decoration of the interior: safety, functionality, and unity of style. For example, an improperly installed socket can cause a short circuit, fire, or an accident. A sink with sharp corners may look original, but an accidental impact on such a corner will leave an unpleasant feeling for a long time. Therefore, the moment of safety is the key to creating an original bathroom interior, and you should take a closer look at different types of lavabo products. Given the limited space, you should give preference to those items of the interior, which have not only aesthetic but also practical functions. If it is a small bath, the decor should act as a bright accent. To do this, you can use bright wall boxes or shelves for towels, the original mirror with a frame of shells, and so on. Decorating the interior and choosing décor for the bathroom, you should adhere to a single stylistic concept. This will help to create a harmonious interior.

The most popular materials for finishing a bathroom

The most popular material for finishing walls and floors in the bathroom is tile in all its variety (large, matte, mosaic, with 3D pattern), especially because of its moisture-resistant qualities and durability. Also, in order to freshen up the environment, you can use such decor for bathroom walls as wallpaper stickers, which are glued directly to the tiles. They are made on a special adhesive basis, and a special coating provides moisture resistance to such decor. Photo wallpaper can also act as decor for the bathroom, decorating the walls or ceiling. You can choose any picture on the photo wallpaper, the main thing is that it is in harmony with the overall style of the interior. For a full immersion effect, it is better to place photo wallpaper or 3D wallpaper on the entire wall, from floor to ceiling.

The decor of the bathroom with your own hands

Decorating items handmade today are at the peak of popularity. The easiest options for creating your own decoration for the bathroom are the use of paintings, children’s drawings in original frames in marine themes; decorating the mirror frames with shells, and stones; the use of unusual accessories; decoupage; the use of original vases, glasses for toothbrushes in the interior.

Decorating a small bathroom

Decorating the interior and choosing decor in a small bathroom area should follow general recommendations that will help to maximize the available space: the installation of a shower cabin instead of a full bath, the use of installation and hanging sinks will save space and facilitate the cleaning of the sanitary unit. The decor of the walls in the bathroom should be functional, such as built-in cabinets with mirrored doors and frosted patterns. When choosing finishing materials, stick to a light color palette – the more light in the room, the more spacious it seems. It is optimal to hide the pipes in a special box, which can be used as an additional shelf. A unified style in design, the use of decorative elements, and the choice of beautiful and functional sanitary ware will help to create a harmonious interior of the bathroom, which will be a source of pride and will delight the owners for a long time.