6 Morning routines Habits to Start the Day Right

Beginnings may not determine the end, but when it comes to life, they do matter a lot. It is when you feel inspired and supercharged that you are focused, happy, productive, and useful to your line of work or even the people around you. It might seem that the casual intake of coffee and a muffin from Starbucks is enough, but after midday, you are so tired. We are sure that is quite consistent with the other days that you have followed this routine.

It is time that you change this feeling and start incorporating habits that might build you in the long term.  E.g. this treadmill could be an ideal option to start your day, but here are some other habits that you can start to implement.


The early hours of the morning are supposed to be peaceful. Not running around wondering where you placed your keys. It should be calmed and relaxed. However, that cannot come just from anywhere. You have to schedule it. One of the benefits of silence is that you get to pause in this life. You get to hear the birds outside chirping, have a look at what you did yesterday, or just look at the outside parts of the room. Starting your day like this gives you a head start because you can give your body time to resettle and come down.


Working out may seem that you do not have the time to do it. But the wee hours of the morning can be a great place to start. Exercising at this point is good for your metabolism, will make you more productive, and give you a high burst of energy throughout the day. Studies have shown that movement and exercise will keep your brain active and thus make it smarter and fresh in the long term.

The most important thing is that it will help you recover at night because you will be able to sleep at a much deeper level than before. So, insomniacs, you might try exercise for a change!


The more you read, the more you get to explore the world without moving. Reading books opens your mind to new possibilities that you wouldn’t think of. It can or could give you a sense of meaning and purpose because you can compress other people’s experiences. This in turn inspires you to live your comfort zone and ideate and experiment with new ventures that you never tried before.


Writing down your thoughts and feelings is an absolute game-changer. It can improve your awareness of your identity and authenticity. It can also be used as a medium of expression in the face of fear, anger, doubt, and guilt and help you uncover hidden and compressed feelings.

It can also act as a learning toolkit because over time you will see a different turnover of your perception. Journaling might help in improving your positivity and abundance mindset because you can list your strengths and the things, places, and people that you have.


This is a toolkit that is used in meditation and can almost be claimed as chants that you say to yourself. Affirmations can seem that they are not working, but it is what keeps us working or committing to a particular thing. It acts as a mechanism for us to become better versions of ourselves as we are striving for a better cause.

Affirmations drive you and me towards a particular identity. We all know how our identities dictate the kind of goals we set, the values we have, and the beliefs we choose to. This determines the direction of our lives and where will end up in the future.


Our minds don’t know the difference between imagination and reality. Once you have this knowledge, you should leverage this to your advantage in the morning. The morning acts as the perfect context for your mind because of the stillness and quietness. It’s therefore the perfect opportunity to put your goals there at the “back of your mind” before jumping into the day.